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We are committed to:

  • Creating opportunities for researchers in the social sciences and humanities to have a greater impact on public policy, professional practice, and social programming
  • Providing support for decision-makers to become actively engaged in every step of the research cycle, ensuring that research is better able to have an impact on policy, programming, and practice
  • Supporting student work and learning opportunities in knowledge mobilization (KMb). These opportunities provide experience that grounds student education in a professional and policy context.


Please submit the following form so we can assist you in:

  • Finding community, government or other partners to work with
  • Finding someone who can put your research to use
  • Growing and sustaining your research program
  • Finding opportunities for your graduate students to work with policy-makers
  • We are doing our own research but need help
  • Starting a research project
  • Finding academic research
  • Tapping into research, knowledge, and expertise at a university
  • Learning about student opportunities


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